- You are welcome to be present during the inspection.  However, please give the inspector the time and space to complete the best possible inspection.  There will be ample time at the end of your inspection to ask questions.

- Inspectors can only inspect what we can see.  If something is behind sheet rock, under the foundation, etc. we are unable to inspect it.

- Inspectors will not be able to move personal items or furniture during our inspection.  I do my best to look around it but there may be outlets and other items that I am unable to see.

- Inspectors are professionals but are not structural engineers, architects, plumbers etc.  If something doesn’t look right to me, I may suggest that you contact one or more of them for an expert opinion.  I highly recommend that when contacting another professional is recommended that they actually be contacted.

- You will receive the agreement between you and Copestone Inspecting via DocuSign well in advance of the inspection.  Please take the time to read it over and ask questions in advance.  It must be read and signed prior to the inspection being done.

- It is highly recommended that you are present at least at the end of the inspection.  During this time I will go over any defects found and show you anything that you have questions about.

- I offer both digital (pdf) and printed reports.  I default to e-mailing a link to you that will be available for at least 12 months after the inspection is completed.  If you would like a printed report or both digital and printed just let me know.

- Inspection reports are available within 24 hours of the inspection, with most sent out the same day.

- Payment is encouraged at the completion of the inspection.  If you want to pay at closing that is not a problem at all.  If you decide to pay at the inspection you will receive a $25 discount.